Subkult strives to enable people to participate in local, national and international exchange and mobility projects. By providing access to different learning opportunities, the association gives valuable contribution to their personal and professional development.

The association wants to inspire and motivate people to discover empathy and values, through engagement in and exploration of different challenges. Being faced with cultural diversity, people develop their competences and learn to learn in a non-formal setting.

By gaining valuable know-how, people are empowered to take social, political, cultural and economic action in the society. Subkult strongly believes that through this process people are becoming responsible active citizens who are capable to create a better and sustainable world.


Stev Levajkovski

Stev, since 2007 was working as project manager, freelance trainer and youth worker for several youth organizations in Macedonia and Switzerland. During this period he was leading and coordinating many international projects within the frames of the European Â»Youth in Action« and Erasmus+ programme. In Subkult, he brings along his expertise in international mobility programmes and his academic specialization, holding master's degree in Business Development and Promotion from the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts.

Marcel Hoerler

Marcel has specialization in Community Development from the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts and is currently working in the field of addiction support at the City of Zurich. He conceptualizes and realizes projects in the fields of cultural mediation and art. In Subkult he brings artistic forms of expression together with social issues. He works in a non-profit mobile cinematic project to promote Swiss cinematic culture and he is involved in an art collective that dedicates itself to the subject of art in the countryside.

Magdalena Lampart

Magdalena brings along with herself a Bachelor's degree of the University in Zurich in media and communication science. As the president of ROCK YOUR LIFE! Luzern, she coordinates a mentoring-program for students of 8/9th grade to help them finding their way to enter the job world. Her main focus in Subkult is supporting young people in their personal and professional growth.